Terms and Conditions

The Terms here we mentioned refers to the terms on which you as the customer may access our website and its contents. The term “programs” here we mentioned refers to the drug access based on medical prescription and “Services” refers to the website and its functions which are owned by Ercole Biotech INC, who prescribes drugs based on medical prescription. By clicking you accepting these terms and conditions, you denote that you have read and understood and agreed to bound by this agreement.

We may change our terms and polices and if changed it will be posted here with effective date. You should read and review these terms and policies since they are binding you. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions we mentioned here, Please do not visit/use our website and any of our services.

Ercole Biotech is not Insurance company

Ercole Biotech is subsidiary of AVI Biopharma Inc and we are third party service that contracts with pharmacies to provide access to medicines for patients. As we conveyed in our terms and conditions, we offer our health services by giving access to customers to buy medicines and we are not an insurance firm and we do not offer any insurance services. We do not have business contact or partnership from any health care firm/company or medical insurance program. You hereby agree that Ercol Biotech will be the first level payer to the medicines you selected through our site. You have the freedom of rights to cancel/terminate the program/usage/access of our site. You may request for the pharmacies name, address, area etc and other details through contact us section. We do not send any payments to pharmacies who take part in our program.

Adding to that, the medicines you purchase through our website may not get covered in your healthcare policy or any other insurance you had. So please contact your insurance or healthcare provider regarding this before you make purchase from us.


Ercole Biotech is a company native to United States and we distribute and available in all of the states inside USA. We do not  have any branches or outlets outside the country and  we do not supply medicines to European territories.

Prices and Charges of Prescription Drugs.

Ercole Biotech reserves the right to change/alter the prices of any prescription drugs that are present in our store. Due to changes in market conditions, supply & demand and due to other factors, the cost of drugs may get changed. Also the customer location determines the shipping charges. We reserve the right to cancel any confirmed order and to provide refund on your purchased medication.

The refundable price is the one which you have at selection time (i.e.) the actual price of quantity and dosage of the medicine. We do not refund shipping cost which gets added to actual cost.  Your final price is the total obtained by adding shipping and actual cost which you receive at home delivery. If you go for different product or size or you made changes in selection, the price will also vary according to the selected products. If you applied any coupons or discount we offered, the price will be lowered according to the applied ones.


Hereby Ercole Biotech reserves the right to end/close/terminate the user access at any point of time with or without intimation. We do not encourage any activities that does not belong within the rights and limitations of user. If any such event found, we may terminate the agreement between the user and our company. The user will be sent an written notice on it before 10 days of termination period.

Not A Medical Practice

We are not intended to do or to encourage any practice of medicine or any heath service and suggestion in our website. Accessing and Usage of our site would not become and never considered as a patient/doctor relationship. We are not recommending any of the products in our website as potential cure or prescribed drug or medical advice. Please consult your doctor for getting prescription and medical advice.

Proprietary rights

We, Ercole Biotech is having the copyrights and proprietary rights for all contents and services in our website. They should not be copied or imitated or used as a reference to be published. Some of the parts in our website may have third party information and they were carried out by them. Third party links may get published in our site. Ercole Biotech is not responsible for any of the third party actions and we do not own any of their symbols, logos and brands etc. Our company is not responsible for any action that takes place between the third party and customer. The logos that represent third parties are published there in order to identify them. You are not allowed to reproduce   any of the trademarks we used without written notice from Ercol Biotech or any of the third party organization. None of our content present in our website is allowed for reuse, download, modify, print or sold without our written permission. You can download and print a copy for personal and non commercial use. Any other usage is firmly not allowed. You should not republish the content from our website in yours or some other site.

Other Site Links

Our website may contain links that lead you to other websites. We do not have responsibility for the activities you are involved with the other site. Also we are not responsible for the thoughts, opinions and contents published in other site. We do not investigate or monitor the content published in other sites. If you want to enter the other websites and leaving our Ercole Biotech site, it is at your sole risk and you are the only responsible for anything happens at there.

Telephone Calls & Text Messaging

Hereby you agreed that Ercole Biotech may communicate you by telephone or text messages at any of the numbers you registered to us. This communication will be related to medicines and products your ordered and also marketing purposes. Service charges apply for calls and text messages. You can exclude yourself from receiving our text messages. Also you can makes changes in your preferences to avoid those text messages you will be receiving from us. If you did not opt out, we will continue to contact you as per our mention in privacy policy statement. Standard rates for calls and messages apply which is based on your service provider. We do not have responsibility over that call and text message charges.

Adding to that we may call you if it is related to your order or any medical prescription you sent from your doctor and other updates. This may happen even if you are opted out from preferences. If you have questions regarding this, you are welcome to call us at our number or write a mail about this to us and we will clarify you. The text messages we send to you is free of cost and it will not be more than one per day. We do not have the responsibility if the message being sent from us is not delivered or it happens after unusual time of delay.

Limitation of Liability

Ercole Biotech, its affiliates and employees, directors and officials are not liable to any direct, incidental, indirect damages of any kind including loss of usage, access or any data loss or profits. Under any circumstance, we and our employees, agents and officials are not liable to inability of our website and its contents. The above limitation does not applies to you when it comes to be cause of incidental or planned damages.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Ercole Biotech makes no warranty that our services will be exactly matching your requirements. We did not warrant on our services availability at all the time and its security and error freeness. We did not make warrant on quality of service, time of its delivery and price information. We did not make warrant on any software errors, their corrections and also the errors present in any materials you get from our website. Any materials  you downloaded from our site and its usage lies at your own risk. We are not responsible for the damages occurring to you or your computer or device that you used in that process. No written or Oral promises or warranty statements obtained by you from us.


By accepting our terms and conditions you agreed to indemnify that you will not cause any harm or damage to our officials, employers, subsidiaries, affiliates , suppliers etc. Hereby you agree to intimate us if you have stopped using your registered phone number to Ercole Biotech.You agree hereby to indemnify that charges for text messaging and calls will apply in case of your failure to provide notification on change or loss of number to Ercole Biotech.

  • The contents that are present only belong to this site and have copyrights for it.
  • Copying, downloading or reusing the content in any way is strictly barred unless you got any approval from us.
  • Our website does not promote any medications and the information should be taken only for educational purpose.
  • The contents here are not a replacement for a doctor’s advice hence self-treating is not recommendable.
  • The website might contain any advertisements of third party which may sell any medications. We are not responsible for the authentic or genuine nature of the drugs.
  • External links that is present in the site would refer to other website that might carry information about the medications. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the opinions and content present in that site.
  • Our website is not blamable for the virus or malicious software to which your computer might get affected from.