Anti Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition in which a person would suffer from excessive worry, fear and anxiety. This is definitely a troublesome one. We do accept the fact that little amount of anxiety is necessary for the person as it can help him or her to take a right decision on the right time. However when your body is repeatedly in the anxiety mode then you should know that you would suffer from various medical conditions.

The mental health should also be addressed and treated then and there. People should understand that only when the mental and physical health is balanced it is possible for a person to lead a happy life. We are going to list out about the four top anti-anxiety medications that are commonly available in the market and that can treat the ailment effectively.


The medication contains Alprazolam as the active ingredient in it. This drug is known to treat various conditions like depression that is triggered due to anxiety, panic disorder and anxiety disorder.

This is a prescription only medication and it belongs to the schedule IV category. All the drugs that are scheduled in this category are very addictive in nature. It is a must that you should be careful during the treatment.

The course of therapy would be only for two to three weeks of time and this is the reason behind it. The onset of action is within one hour of time. The physician would instruct a person to take the pills at least two to three times in a day but at different intervals.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding a child are not supposed to take the pills. It is available in both immediate and extended release capsules. If you are giving the tablets to the children then you should be very careful.


You can also try taking Klonopin medication for the treatment. However this drug is the best for the treatment of conditions like seizure disorder and panic disorder. The active ingredient in the medication is known as Clonazepam. This is also a prescription only medication as it is scheduled under Category IV.

Klonopin belongs to the class of drugs called as Benzodiazepine. The onset of action of the drug is within few minutes thus the effectiveness would fade away very soon. So you would be advised to consume the tablets two to three times in a day. The course of therapy would be very short.


The active ingredient Lorazepam that is present in Ativan pills are known to treat anxiety issues to a greater extent. Consumption of alcohol while on the therapy is not recommendable as it would trigger so many ill effects in the body.

This is a prescription only drug and only when you have one it is possible for you to get the pills legally. Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding a child are not supposed to take Ativan.

However the doctor would decide after weighing the risks and benefits. When the benefit that you would experience is higher than that of the risks then there are chances that your medico would allow you to consume the pills.

Ativan pills have to be consumed as a whole with a glass of water. It is a must that you should take the tablets only for two to three weeks of time.


The active ingredient that is present in the drug is known as Diazepam. The medication can be helpful in treating various conditions like anxiety disorder, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

The risk of getting addicted to the medication is high if you already have a history of addiction. You are advised to take the drug after getting a prescription. You can take the tablets safely only when it is between two to three weeks of time.

If you take the Ativan tablets in higher doses or for a longer span of time then you might get addicted to it very easily.

We have discussed about four anti-anxiety medications and you can ask your physician on which is the best one for your treatment. Each person would find a particular tablet to be effective and depending on it your doctor can choose one.

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