Swiping out sleep is not an easy job, and Modafinil does that so well. It helps you to escape sleepiness for long hours and help you stay alert and focused. It even helps to pull out the weariness and exhaustion that eats up your day, by inducing the brain to produce added energy. Due to this you can be alert and focused and engage in work that you need to attend to. Modafinil can be seen in pharmacies under a brand name called Provigil.

Modafinil is generally a great solution for those looking for an answer to get rid of their sleepiness and work on their wakefulness. if you want to recover from health issues such as narcolepsy or shift work disorder or even from obstructive sleep apnea, you could get modafinil prescribed by a doctor. Do not try to take it on your own, for it is very risky for your health.

Administration of Modafinil

As mentioned above, modafinil can help you treat sleepiness resulting from various disorders, but the way to use it for each purpose differs. Due to which the supervision of a doctor or an expert is mandatory. Modafinil is prescribed to be taken regularly for a period specified as per your medical condition. A dose every morning will be mostly recommended. But it must not be used for more than 12 weeks. You should resort to medical guidance before you refill the prescription on your own.

Each condition requires a different way of use. For instance, modafinil has to be taken along with food, or abstaining from food, through the mouth, if Obstructive sleep apnea or narcolepsy are your root causes. Whereas, you need to pop it in, an hour before your work timing if work shift disorder is your issue.

Using modafinil 

The basic purpose behind the use of modafinil is to alleviate your sleepiness due to different issues such as Obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, etc. Modafinil must not be mistaken for a drug to cure your sleep disorders. Using it just to abstain from sleep or severe tiredness, and not having any sleep disorder must be avoided.

You can begin using modafinil 200mg and can gradually go up to 400mg and not above it. With or without food, the drug will serve the purpose.

Side effects. 

Modafinil need not be feared due to its side effects, as they rarely get effected so, which too would be probably due to the misuse of the drug such as using it for long, taking wrong doses, or overdosing for immediate effect, etc.

Here are few commonly picked up side effects on the use of modafinil, they are headaches, nervousness, diarrhea, loss of sleep, back pain, giddiness, etc. but it might get worse if the use of modafinil was so vague. And side effects of such worse conditions are depression, swelling, chest pain, breathlessness, intense itching, and rashes, etc.

Use of modafinil, as per the doctor’s instructions will to an extent save you from such side effects.


Before the use of modafinil, it is a must to have a detailed consultation with an expert with whom you disclose all your medical details, including your present and past health issues. For if you are suffering from certain health problems like palpitations, liver or kidney issues, chest pain, allergies, etc. All kinds of allergies must be reported to the doctor, for the inactive ingredients in the drug can trigger allergies in you. Do kindly avoid the use of alcohol, marijuana, and such other drug during the modafinil medication, for it may result in grave situations.

Also, those women who are either pregnant or lactating is best to abstain from its use for the safety of their and baby’s health.

Modafinil to cope up with sleep disorders. 

For those suffering from health issues such as narcolepsy, trying modafinil will be useful. it may also be beneficial for those affected by obstructive sleep apnea or shift work disorder. By general, Modafinil works to induce your alertness and focus by alleviating the sleepiness and tiredness in you. It will help you to improve your health for betterment.

Those struggling to fight sleep during the working hours during the night shift and travel back safe home, modafinil can help you. To aid you in coping up with the obstruction of the airway, Modafinil can resort as a better option over therapies.

Can you order Modafinil Online?

To save you from the perils of misusing drugs, states have put in-laws by which ordering medicines online is kind of regulated. Modafinil is strictly a prescription-only drug that can be ordered online after producing a legitimate prescription. Also, Modafinil is not legal in all states, due to the absence of clear proof to state it is completely safe. Many want to have it despite it being illegal in their residing place. Upon your thoughts, you can decide to choose between buying modafinil with or without a prescription.