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About Fioricet

The Active ingredient in Fioricet is Acetaminophen which helps to relieve pain and reduce fever. This is an FDA-approved medication in the US. This drug is a schedule III controlled substance which means it is available only with a proper prescription from your doctor. Fioricet is available for buying in any licensed pharmacy near you or from reliable online stores.


For first-time users, the medication is prescribed in as minimal doses as possible and will be increased gradually depending on your reaction to the medication and the condition of your health. Consult your doctor so that they can analyze you thoroughly and prescribe the appropriate dosage for you. The following factors are what is taken into consideration,

  • Age and bodyweight of the patient
  • Medical history including the list of previous medications used and other health disorders the patient is suffering or suffered from
  • Response to the first dosage of the medication

Fioricet is to be taken as per the advice and dosage regimen as prescribed by your doctor. Read through the instruction manual carefully before you start taking this medication. If you don’t find any improvements in your health condition after you start using this consult your doctor regarding this and do not self-medicate by increasing the dosage by yourself.

For headache tension in adults, one to two capsules are prescribed and these may be adjusted according to your condition. The maximum capsule should not exceed 6 per day.  For children below the age of 12, the dosage amount will be prescribed only after a complete medical check-up by the physician.


Fioricet tablets should be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture, children, and pets. If your course of treatment is over and if you have leftover pills contact the disposal company to discard the pills in a safe way.


Fioricet is a habit-forming medication therefore it should be taken only if your doctor prescribes it.

  • Buying or selling is against the law and you could land up in jail for such practices.
  • Do not take Fioricet if you are allergic to the components of the medication. Also, this drug is not to be used if you have taken MAO inhibitors in the last 14 days. People who are suffering from liver and kidney issues, Cirrhosis, breathing disorders, sleep apnea, rashes, or extreme mood changes are advised against the usage of Fioricet.


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