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Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication most commonly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. This particular medication belongs to the class of benzodiazepines and its brand name is Alprazolam. It is capable of increasing the level of activity in the GABA receptors to reduce anxiety. Inhibition of serotonin and dopamine also takes place since these neurotransmitters are involved with excitation and agitation. Therefore Xanax brings about a sense of relaxation by calming down the nerves and it also changes the way our body reacts to anxiety and panic attacks.

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Pfizer manufactures Xanax, in 1981 the drug was approved by the FDA. In the year of 1971, Alprazolam was patented. The generic medication became available for medicinal use to the customers that were manufactured by several companies. Alprazolam is available in various forms as immediate-release and extended-release format.

It is advised that you consult a medical professional before you proceed to start your course of treatment with Xanax.

How to take Xanax?

The way to take Xanax is the time when your healthcare professional advised to take. Xanax anti-anxiety pills are effective and show results based on its half-life. Using it before any activities that require a concentration is not advisable. Taking Xanax may be addictive if the dosage is more than the prescribed level. You should make sure you consume it as per the prescription for a short period.

Alprazolam is taken orally by mouth. It should be crushed or mix with any food as those may reduce the efficiency of the medication.

Using Xanax

The main purpose of using Xanax is to suppress the anxiety and the occurrence of panic troubles. It helps to control the anxiety and helps the user to calm down to the normal state. Xanax could improve your situation but also one has needed to be careful while handling it.  Chances of Addiction and misusing this drug are high. Due to the relief, some people took larger doses which got them addicted. That’s why Xanax is kept under the list of benzodiazepines group. When an individual is quitting or reducing doses suddenly it could cause various withdrawal symptoms and induced anxiety. So one should follow the doctor’s advice on decreasing the dose gradually. You can take this Xanax orally and the dosage should be the same as per prescription which lessens the risk of side effects. The dose varies according to age, health, response, etc. Avoid alcoholic beverages during the entire treatment period.

Side effects

The reported side effects that occurred in individuals due to Xanax include dizziness and drowsy feeling. Feeling sleepy all day, lightheadedness is common during the treatment period.  Most side effects happen due to variation in doses intake. Other general side effects are rashes, itches in skin, allergy and breathing troubles, etc. You should also convey the side effects to your doctor so that he could alter your dosage accordingly. Some of the side effects will disappear once your body gets used to this medication. Severe side effects reported include depression, mood swings, self-harm thoughts, suicide ideas, seizures, fainting, hallucinations, etc. You should report all of your experiences to the doctor whether it is normal or serious side effects. Avoid coffee, alcohol and caffeine products, alcoholic beverages completely. On most occasions, they induce side effects when they interact with Xanax. Stay in touch with the doctor or have some people to look after you and keep yourself ready to reach medical assistance all the time.

Using Xanax to treat Anxiety

There are some important things you need to be careful about while consuming Xanax to treat anxiety.  Avoid dosage slips and do not overdose the medicine. If you forgot a dose skip and continue your regular dose.  You should not take Xanax if you are pregnant and having a child at the breastfeeding stage. Do not quit medicine instantly without consulting the doctor. Sudden withdrawal effects could be severe and your body might not tolerate the rise in blood pressure, shakiness, and shivering. Ensure that you are not consuming any fruit juices that are rich in vitamin C because they could slow down the impact of Xanax. People who have a medical history of cardiac arrests, cardiac disorders, liver issues, and kidney stones, kidney disorders, etc should not take Xanax and similar pills

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