Generic Names: Amphetamine, Dextroamphetamine

Brand Names: Adderall,XR.

Strengths: 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 30mg.

Where to buy Adderall online?

Product Description

Adderall is an attention and concentration-enhancing pill which is foremost utilized for treating Narcolepsy and ADHD medical conditions. It is preferred for ADHD affected individuals because it increases the attention span and brings down the impulsivity and hyperactivity which is generally associated with such people.

Secondary medical potential 

  • As an off-label use, the medication can enhance the performance in athletes and also owns the essential characteristics to stimulate the cognition levels in individuals.
  • Many young adults find this medication to be very interesting because it enables them to stay focused and concentrate on the work with which they are indulged in. As of today, it is the student community that widely consumes this medication.

Interesting facts about the drug

There are an increasing number of students who consume Adderall online when the examinations are around the corner. In countries like U.S., there are a number of students who are ready offer some wonderful testimonies about the medication. During the initial period, the medication was prescribed only for treating narcolepsy but its usage evolved over a period of time owing to the research done on this pill. The immediate release version of the pill came to sale in the year 2002. Individuals taking care of ADHD affected people can buy Adderall 30mg  from

Adderall – Consumption pattern

Consume the pill right after waking up from the bed before having breakfast. The doctor’s prescription should be complied with on all accounts. Have a thorough understanding of the pill by reading the medication guide. Protect the medicine from light, heat, and moisture. Never make an attempt to take the pill in an excess measure.

Dosage Instructions

Individuals should start the course therapy with the immediate release formulation of Adderall. For administration in adults, the recommended dose is 10 mg on a day-to-day basis. If there is no improvement in the symptoms, the dosage strength can be increased to 20 mg per day. Students opting to consume this pill to boost their concentration power are advised to take 20mg per day. Each dosage strength of Adderall carries different medicinal imprints. So one should be aware of the imprints in the respective dosage strengths before buying the pill.

Half-life of Adderall

The controlled-release formulation of this medication has an elongated half-life of 10 hours, whereas the half-life of an immediate-release formulation is just 6 hours. To get discharged from the body the medication requires 4-5 half-lives.

How does Adderall get eliminated from the body?

The elimination time for amphetamine salt from the body will not take more than two days. The major proportion of the medication is eliminated through renal route. Around 30% to 40% of the pill and its metabolite is discharged through urine. Depending on the response level, the one can prefer to consume Adderall XR, the extended-release formulation of this pill.

How to boost the concentration levels with Adderall?

Adderall impacts the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine contained in the brain through its active ingredient Amphetamine. Its foremost action point revolves around the regions of prefrontal cortex, locus coeruleus, and nucleus accumbens. By stimulating the discharge of neurotransmitters the medication increases the focus levels and reduces the impulsivity.

Like its active ingredients, Adderall binds to the same receptor sites. However, there is a vast difference being observed in the binding potency. It is the presence of the ingredient Levoamphetamine, this pill is able to trigger a rapid onset of action. Individuals opting to consume this pill for improving their focus levels are advised to order the pill from online in its immediate-release formulation. The cognition-enhancing power associated with this medication is attributed to its activation potential of the dopamine receptor.

Online Ordering

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Is it possible to order adderall 30mg from Canadian online pharmacies?

Yes, it is possible to purchase Adderall 30mg from Canadian mail order pharmacies. These mail order pharmacies are known to ship the drug overseas. So, there is no issue in which part of the world that you belong to, you are provided with the opportunity to buy Adderall 30mg through Canadian pharmacies. However you have to check the laws in your country so that you can order the drug legally.

Can you get adderall without prescription?

Yes, people can go about ordering Adderall with no prescription. There are many online pharmacies out there that can help you to get the drug with no Rx. You just have to enroll with them and consult the online doctor. They can help you to get an Adderall prescription online and do the online drug legally. There is no need for you to pay any fee for the online medico.