is a one-stop destination for helping people which provides complete information on various medications that might be used to treat disorders and improve the wellness and quality of life. Have you ever wondered how this site came into existence? Clayton Duncan founded the site in 2002 and this reliable website is one of the pioneers in the biopharmaceutical research industry that mainly focuses on the creation of oligonucleotide drugs through the alternative splicing of target genes. As of March 20, 2008, Ercole Biotech, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of AVI Biopharma, Inc. Mr. Clayton Duncan started this one-stop destination site to offer all kinds of drug information to health enthusiasts through a dedicated team of experts who strive to present authentic content on various medications. This one-stop destination is all about presenting quality information on generic and branded medications found widely in the market today. So, you can always find data both on prescription drugs and the drugs that could be obtained over the counter. For all users, who wish to manage their health effectively, your search ends right here at

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As a one-stop destination for all medical information, aims to become the most sought source under this regard by providing precise information with evidence as authenticity is our foremost priority. With fast information taking the Internet by storm, our dedicated team of experts and professionals strive hard to bring in all updated and new information rapidly without any delay to our users and readers.

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We promise you that we have many reasons to justify why you must choose us for all the information related to various medications. However, we present to you the ones that could convince you to trust us in the long run.

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Today, there is no dearth of information everywhere. Though, it is a good thing, how do we trust all the information that we see on the Internet? Just because some information meets your needs, it doesn’t mean that it is trustworthy and reliable. This is why is a one-stop destination for precise and clear information on medications and usage. All our experts make sure that they provide only valuable information that can be trusted for life and more.

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As a place that provides ample information on various medications, we do not just present some data to our reader, but we are available 24×7 to hear your queries and other help on the same, which will be responded to at the earliest. Another benefit of using our services is that you will never feel outdated as every information is updated then and there rapidly.


Information should not be given to people in a complex way and hence, we would like to keep as simple as possible for use. We strongly believe that an expensive process can shoo away people and hence, we make sure that people enjoy a hassle-free experience at